Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Christmas Present

Well now that Christmas is done with and I have already given my gift, I guess it is safe to post some pictures. I think my brother really liked the gift I made for him this year! Usually I buy something for them but this year I decided to make some "Homemade crap" (as we like to put it). It turned out really well but was a lot harder to make then it looks, the darn transfer tape sticks to glass so fast and then the vinyl and then me cursing it.


  1. this is awesome. how did you make it?

  2. I bought a regular old picture frame (This one was on sale the day after Thanksgiving at Michaels) Then I used my Gypsy and a 12X24 inch mat to get the letters just the way I wanted them. Did two separate layers on the gypsy. Cut them out in Black and white vinyl, used transfer tape to make sure they stayed put and attached them to the glass(this was the hard part. Trying to make sure they stayed straight while attaching them to the glass, the transfer tape and vinyl sticks to the glass so fast. Attach some hanging do-dabs to the back of the frame. Then I used a clear silicone to attach the frame to the glass, you can also use hot glue.