Saturday, October 2, 2010

Cricut Swarm Swap Items

This will be my first Cricut Swarm and I am super excited because it is being hosted by Provo Craft. When I found out that every attendee gets a Gypsy I was in! (I don't have one but have wanted one for a while) So I figure a day of fun and a Gypsy, it's a win win!

So for this Swarm we need to bring items to swap that we have made with our cricut I am having some trouble deciding on what to make. Here are a couple of the treat boxes I have put together. I think I am liking the idea of the Mini monster bag in different colors.


  1. Is there a skeleton die cut? Like different bones? It would be so fun to put a skeleton puzzle in the coffin box. But I do love that crazy monster bag, and different colors would be fun.

  2. I'm loving them all, but yes. How fun would the monster bag be in green or orange or blue or ..........